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Drawing on


Issue 04: Submissions Closed

We are delighted to announce that we are renewing DrawingOn.org to suit evolving online technical possibilities. A number of the formats hosted by Drawing On since its inception are no longer maintained, and this re-launch will allow us to ensure Drawing On’s online presence into the future. Please bear with us while we transition to the new website. This will launch with Issue 04 Drawing on: Re-appropriation and Representation. Check back soon for updates. 


Architecture Design Research

Drawing On: Architecture Design Research presents and develops work from selected contributions to the first Annual Design Research Conference, held in Sydney in September 2018. It provides a tentative but representative survey of the work and practices that emerged at that event, which focused on formalizing and disseminating design research work conducted in Australasia. In a similar manner, this edition of Drawing On is committed to recognizing and promoting the multi-modal and diverse nature of design research.

Developing one of the key themes emerging from the ADR18 conference, Drawing On: Architecture Design Research shifts focus to research projects that engage directly with design methods. It adds, removes and questions propositions frequently attached to common categorizations used to define design research work, introducing the underlying preposition “by,” as a proposition for probing and challenging the separations implied by these categorizations. The works presented in this issue question these categorizations, either through their methodologies or their outputs, inevitably converging around questions of representation.