Surface and Installation

Drawing On is pleased to announce that Issue 02 of the journal, Drawing On: Surface and Installation, will be launching soon. Please check back here for updates, or visit the ISSUE 02 page to view the call for submissions and a record of a conversation between Alexander Brodsky, Mark Dorrian and Richard Anderson, published as an opening to Issue 02.



The inaugural issue of the journal, entitled Drawing On: Presents, documents proceedings and papers from the Plenitude & Emptiness symposium organised and hosted by the PhD Architecture by Design at the University of Edinburgh. Featuring presenters and keynotes around the world, this symposium took the Edinburgh poet Norman MacCaig’s Presents (1974) as a provocation for considering design research. MacCaig’s gifts of emptiness and plenitude become means of thinking both architectural production and the pursuit of knowledge.

Responding to the idea that design is plentiful in its modes and procedures (making, drawing, writing, imagining, imaging, positioning, critiquing) participants discussed how design research methodologies engage with emptiness, with gaps and unknowns.
The contributions discuss relations frequently encountered in design-led research – for example between method and content, theory and knowledge, and design and research – as well as highlighting research themes explored through design work.
As well as recounting the papers presented at the symposium, this first issue includes contributions from the various keynotes and commentators on the questions raised and themes discussed. This inaugural issue also sets out and tests the format of the journal, combining, for the first time, the presentation of work in different modes to facilitate a more complete communication of ideas within.